Family Constellations and Systemic Constellations

Systemic Constellations - Family Constellations and Organisational Constellations.

Whether we think of our families or we think of our work environment, we realise that we are constantly tied to other people, places and things.  Sometimes these ties work for us, but sometimes we become stuck and the system we are a part of does not function as well as it could.  Constellation work allows a movement and resolution to occur within relationships - without all the participants being present.

Constellations are a powerful process that allows a fresh movement to arise for a group.

Suzanne runs Constellation groups in the Southern Highlands of NSW or is available to come to you if there are enough participants available.

What are Family Constellations?

Are you living in the shadow of your family tree?

quoteGood and evil are systematically bound to one another. If you want to work with people systemically, you must find a position beyond moral judgement, a position that allows you to see larger systemic phenomena and their effect on individuals. quote

- Bert Hellinger

Family Constellation work as developed by renowned European psychotherapist Bert Hellinger during the last 20 years has grown rapidly in Europe and is now gaining international attention.

Hellinger's observation of unconscious yet powerfully influential trans-generational family bonds forms the basis of this profound process.

These unseen forces have the power to entangle us in fates that do not belong to us, fates dating back over two, three or even more generations, that are the legacy of those unable to resolve them within their lifetimes.

When this influence is acknowledged, the "blind love" which sustained it can be transformed into "enlightened love" and emotional and physical suffering can be gently and compassionately transformed.

Constellations are at their most effective when done in a group process involving around 15-20 people.  However, they can also be done with some small groups and individuals.  Suzanne utilises each of the methods.