Counselling and Therapy

quoteLife is like a box of chocolates - you never know what you’re gonna getquote (Forrest Gump)

Many times we find ourselves in a situation where life seems to have handed us a few too many lemons and we just need some assistance to get back to ourselves.  Good counselling and therapy can assist us through the tough times, letting us find our own answers and build our own strengths.

An holistic approach is used, based on a Process Work Psychotherapy model and incorporating Systemic Constellation work.


Working through those difficult times with a supportive, qualified counsellor can lead to personal growth or at least bring us a sense of acceptance and peace.  We are all entitled to feel at peace with ourselves.

Working with a diversity of areas, including trauma, grief and relationship issues can help us find that comfortable place within ourselves.

Specialising in issues related to change (physical and environmental, chosen and imposed).

Suzanne works with individual adults and children, with couples and with families.


Pets can sometimes form surprisingly important relationships in our lives.  The death of a pet can affect us more than we expected.  Talking to someone who understands and can help deal with that loss can greatly assist us and our family.