Suzanne has an appreciation of the difficulties associated with change,
both personal and professional.

Suzanne Butz
Psychotherapist and Counsellor

Change happens to all of us. Sometimes we choose change and sometimes change comes upon us. No matter the origins of the changes in our lives, we can use change to bring joy and a sense of peace, and we can use the moments of change to bring a greater fulfilment to our lives.

Having an empathetic person supporting or guiding us through these changes can assist us to settle into a new and positive position.

Change can also manifest as stress, anxiety and even trauma in our lives. Suzanne works gently with those who are feeling the pressures of circumstances that can't be changed, bringing a profound understanding of the most up-to-date approaches of psychology, neuroscience and body work to her practice. She uses information and techniques that empower you to live your best life, to help your heart sing!

Suzanne is available in person at her practice in Moss Vale or on Thursdays at the Goulburn Wellness Centre. Suzanne works with individual adults and children, with couples and with families. She is also available to work on site at work places, or via telephone or VOIP technology (such as Skype)  Contact Us for more information.