Relaxation and Meditation

We all need to be still within ourselves, within our minds.  With the pace of change in our lives we need to be able to tap into our reserves and boost them.  We need to know that still part, deep inside each of us that gives us strength to go out and create and do and be.  Relaxation techniques and meditation let us find that inner stillness in all sorts of situations.

Learn to relax physically, mentally and emotionally.  Bring yourself to stillness.


Classes run over six sessions give an introduction to what creates stresses in our lives, the effects good and bad stress have on us, and many techniques for releasing stress. 


Regular relaxation and meditation sessions are held each week and cater to adults, teens, grand parents and grand-children, and for primary school children.


Groups, families and individuals are all catered for.  Sessions can be at our clinic or your home or work place.  Please enquire for more information.


The earlier we learn to find our stillness, to meditate, the more easily we handle life’s changes and stresses.  Children love to participate in these group sessions of fun and imagination. 

Programs to assist children to build self esteem, deal with bullying, manage their emotions and more.  Each program has a specific theme.  Parents are given information and techniques to assist their children in these areas.